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During the 43rd annual UNAR-sponsored Model UN conference, student delegates offered solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems. These individuals sat in tense committee meetings debating topics such as environmental sustainability, nuclear disarmament and global health epidemics. Much like UN delegates, they were expected to adhere to their countries’ policies without sacrificing productivity. Everyone was up for the challenge.

Austin Clyde, an award-winning delegate, chairperson, and currently a freshman at the University of Chicago states that “In a connected world, policies and social change are not isolated. Change is global. Model UN engages us through diplomacy and delegation to accept all ideas for the sake of understanding. Model UN then urges us to critically explore all of the global impacts, and to create action for the welfare of people, not states or agendas.”

Kristen O’Brien, long-time Model UN Club advisor at Webster Schroeder High School contends, “Model UN helps students to become culturally aware citizens of the world. It allows students to see the problems our world faces and think about how to effectively problem solve some of the toughest issues we face as a global community. Students take a leadership role where they not only benefit by learning and practicing essential skills such as collaboration and public speaking but in the end our communities benefit by having active, involved citizens walk across the stage on graduation day.”

Vidhya Jeyadev, a Brighton student and long-time Model UN delegate, chairperson AND Secretary-General remarks that

“Model UN has not only given me some of the best memories of high school, but has given me the passion and confidence to pursue International Relations. It has taught me about the world.”