Current Model UN Conference

High School Students step into the shoes of delegates from 193 UN member states to debate some of the world’s most troubling issues. The “delegates” prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts and navigate the UN’s rules of procedures to promote international cooperation, design agreements, and resolve problems.

UNAR locates hotels and makes special price arrangements for out-of-town delegates. Fabulous meals are provided in the dining facilities on the beautiful campus of St. John Fisher College. Meals are included in the conference registration fee. UNAR locates and invites a UN official keynote and a dozen plus professional speakers to present information to committees on the pressing topics on the floor at the UN itself including the Security Council.

What is Model UN?

Model UN is a UNA-USA program that teaches hundreds of high school students how the United Nations works by giving them the opportunity to conduct a Model UN where they work out their own solutions to real international problems. For over 40 years, UNAR has sponsored the UNA-USA program by holding an annual Model UN Conference in the Rochester area. For more information about Model UN in general, please visit the UNA-USA Model UN website.

50/50 Grant Program

UNAR is introducing the 50/50 Matching Grant which allows MUN Club Advisors and Students to apply for a grant for 50% of student registration fees or 50% club transportation to participate in the UNAR MUN Conference in March 2017. The remaining 50% is provided by the individual, club or school.

The 50/50 funds are provided by Student UNAR delegates fund raising efforts through a contest called “Jar Wars”. Students raise money by donating pocket change to support an international charity and their fellow students.

Awards will be granted based upon the following criteria:

  • Expressed need
  • New delegates
  • Experienced delegates
  • 3 student awards per school

$2,000 total per year will be awarded overall: $1,000 to support individual registration fees and $1,000 to support transportation costs.

To Apply:

  • Complete the attached 50/50 grant application form and submit via email to the UNAR office by January 5, 2017.
  • A selection committee will make awards based upon available funds, recipient need and specific criteria identified above.

All recipients will be informed of grant decisions by January 31st, 2017.

Current Conference

The 2017 Conference will be held at St. John Fisher College. Please see below for registration forms.

Model UN Chair Letters

General Assembly

General Assembly Plenary
Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural (SHC)
Territories and Foreign Intervention (TFI)
Special Political (SpecPol)
Disarmament (Disarm)
UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
United Nations Development Programme

Economic and Social Council

Economic and Social Council Plenary (ECOSOC)
UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)
UN Environmental Programme (UNEP)
UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
World Health Organization (WHO)
Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

Crises and Specialties

UN Security Council (UNSC)
International Criminal Court (ICC)
Press Corps
United States Forum on the Cold War (1962)
45th Revolutionary Committee of the Great Union of Soviet Socialist Republics