Great Decisions

The Foreign Policy Association’s Vice President Roger Mastrude launched the first Great Decisions discussion group in Portland, Oregon, in 1954. Participants in the program meet in a group to discuss some of the most critical global issues facing America today, learning about each session’s subject by reading the appropriate Great Decisions Briefing Book and watching the accompanying DVD.

The topics for 2016 included Middle East alliances, the Islamic State, migration, the Kurds, the Koreas, United Nations, climate change, and Cuba and the U.S. These discussions are a great opportunity for the common citizen and voter to discuss these crucial issues in an unbiased and open space. This year, these discussions are especially relevant because of the upcoming presidential election.

UNAR facilitates several Great Decisions discussion groups throughout the Rochester area. If you are interested in starting a Great Decisions group, please contact Irene Likoudis.