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The 2017 UN Day Conference was a great success. Our amazing team of interns worked hard to ensure that this event went as smoothly as possible. Intern Director, Larry DeBellis says, “UNAR is so fortunate to have an Intern Team and Office Manager of such high caliber human beings!” Our interns helped with the assembly of lunches, signing people in and handing out programs, and guiding guests to the correct panels. Their commitment to our organization is at the foundation of our success.

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Fall 2017 Interns


Colin Buckowski
UNAR Intern
Colin Buckowski is currently a senior History major at the State University of New York at Geneseo. At the UNAR, he is an Intern with the Rochester International Academy working with a class of eighteen 5th-6th grade kids from ten different countries. As a teacher's aide, he helps guide the kids through their class work in math, science, and the process of learning English. In addition to this, he spends a few hours a week at the Maplewood Community Library where he a few other interns hold casual conversation and light grammar lessons with new English speakers in the community. His work with the UNAR and cooperating organizations has given him not only great personal joy, but has been an amazing experience that will help him with his future career.
Jason Chukwu
UNAR Intern
Jason Chukwu currently attends Roberts Wesleyan College. He is studying psychology as a major and social work as a minor. In regards to post graduation/career goals, he plans on first achieving an MSW and then hopes to begin exploring either mental health related fields in Social Work, behavioral health therapy, and/or Social Work at the Governmental level regarding public policy and change. For the UNAR, I am interning at one of their non-profit branch organizations, Saint’s Place.
Geesue Hah
UNAR Intern
Geesue Hah is a junior at the University of Rochester, majoring in Epidemiology and minoring in Statistics and French. At UR, Geesue researches tobacco cessation and control and is the business manager for the Society of Undergraduate Biology Students. Born in Seoul, South Korea, but raised in Rochester, NY, Geesue has always had a taste for diversity, as well as a strong aptitude for the life sciences. She is interested in pursuing a career in public health and medicine, to examine the socioeconomic components of what it means to be healthy, to research and improve international women's health and reproductive rights, and to become an advocate for global health and sustainability. She hopes to continue cultivating her passions for science, political discourse, humanitarian subjects, and gender equality as she interns for the UNAR, and by association, Rochester Global Connections, where she assists in the diplomatic International Visitor Leadership Program that welcomes emerging foreign leaders to the United States to promote international understanding and discourse on a variety of topics (including women in politics and best practices for refugee settlement) with the overall goal of sharing American expertise and culture, "one handshake at a time."
Juliet King
UNAR Intern
Juliet is a senior at SUNY Geneseo, where she double majors in International Relations and French. At Geneseo, Juliet is Vice President of the French Club and a member of the Women's Action Coalition. Juliet has a passion for other languages, cultures and human rights. With the UNAR, Juliet interns at Rochester International Academy, where she helps in an ESL classroom, and at the Maplewood Community Library, where she helps with English classes. She has found this experience with the UNAR to be both beneficial and exciting, because in the future she would love to pursue a career with helping Immigrants and Refugees. This past summer, Juliet backpacked and studied abroad in Europe: meeting many new people, seeing five new countries, and trying lots of delicious food!
Tanvir Mahtab
UNAR Intern
Tanvir Mahtab is a senior International Relations major at SUNY Geneseo with a concentration in The Developing World. Being of Bengali heritage, Tanvir has been exposed to both American and Bengali culture, allowing him to see the world in a more diverse viewpoint. As a proud brother of Alpha Chi Rho, Tanvir has extensive leadership skills and philanthropic experience. Traveling to countries such as Bangladesh, England, India, and Qatar has inspired Tanvir to learn more about other cultures and sparked an interest in global conflicts and ways to resolve them. He hopes to one day join the United Nations as a diplomat and have a voice in the processes needed to help maintain peace and prosperity around the world.
Jamie McCormick
UNAR Intern
Jamie McCormick is a currently a senior at SUNY Geneseo. She is studying Political Science and International Relations with a concentration in the developing world. She has a passion for international development and politics, especially with African affairs. She is currently interning at Rochester International Academy in a high school classroom. She loves working one-on-one with her students and enjoys learning about their cultures, along with helping them understand and navigate life in America. She spent this past summer in Uganda interning in a local medical center. Her work focused on increasing the economic opportunities for HIV positive women and was able to establish and execute a sustainable development project in her time there. After graduation she plans to move to Washington D.C. to pursue a graduate degree in international affairs and a career in human rights and international policy, as well as learn more languages. One day she hopes to have the opportunity to work with the UNHCR or UNICEF on global health issues and their impact on disenfranchised communities abroad.
Uma Natarajan
UNAR Intern
Uma Natarajan attends SUNY Geneseo. She is an International Relations Major and Anthropology minor. After graduation, she hopes to attend law school. She hopes to work as an immigration lawyer and eventually work for the UN. For the UNAR, she is currently teaching ESOL classes at Maplewood Community Library and working as a teaching assistant at Rochester International Academy.
Jillian Palmer
UNAR Intern
Jillian Palmer is a student at SUNY Geneseo. Her major is International Relations with a concentration in the developing world, her minors are Sociology and Political Science. She is an event planning intern at SUNY Geneseo’s Office of Alumni Relations. Jillian studied international development in Summer 2017 in Ghana. After her return she earned a certificate to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) thought the international TEFL Academy. Her main focuses include women’s rights in developing worlds and the impact of climate change. She is on the executive boards of Amnesty International, International Relations Club, Political Affairs Club, and Common Hope at Geneseo’s Campus. She will be graduating in December of 2017 with hopes to work with organizations that focus on gender in relation to international development prior to attending graduate school.
Stephanie Szakos
UNAR Intern
Stephanie Szakos is a senior at The College at Brockport and is majoring in Psychology and Public Health. At Brockport, she is the President and founder of the Public Health Club. In the Spring of 2016 she studied abroad in the Czech Republic, and helped teach Czech high school students English and grammar. Following studying abroad, her passion for travel and learning about other cultures influenced her future career plan. She plans on pursuing a career in global health once graduated. She has a strong interest in international economic and health development, and plan on earning her masters in public health with a concentration in global health. She is looking forward to learning about teaching English as a second language at Rochester International Academy, and getting to know the students and their cultures. After graduation she hopes to travel more and learn about more cultures before entering graduate school.